How not to do what didn't need to be done

Found the following pair of quotes interesting.  This first one is about the OWS protests, specifically the “general assembly” method adopted by the origin protesters in New York:

People are extremely excited about what we are doing. We’re engaging in a direct democracy conversation. I mean, the General Assembly is really the new town hall, and we don’t have filibusters, we don’t have lobbyists, we don’t have a system that can be co-opted. And I invite anybody to come down and talk to us.

The point here is fairly obvious: as close to an expression of genuine “people power” as possible, directly from the mouths of those affected, with no lord/serf relationship in sight. “I appear courtesy of my damn self”.

Next one is a quote about the nature of government:

Our government is a function of our democracy; by attacking our government we are attacking democracy. So to me, yes, I think the government should represent the will of the people, and if the will of the people are demanding action, then they should follow suite.

This is typical “government is US!” jesus talk.  Although throwing in a back-handed acknowledgment to the contrary, this is still equating what government does to a legitimate expression of We The People: “They represent just plain folks, and are intended to”.

If you guessed it was cognitive dissonance time again, you’re correct: both quotes came from OWS protester elevated by the media into a spokesperson role of sorts Jesse LaGreca, on ABC’s This Week.


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