Mother or Daughter

Yet another post about “liberaltarianism” morphed into an ongoing argument over at LoOG — specifically at one of the sub-blogs — between a resident conservative and, well, everyone else (including me) about liberty vs order in comments.  Jump in if you wish, and I wish y’all would.



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5 Responses to Mother or Daughter

  1. Todd S. says:

    Sorry, I can’t bring myself to visit that site any more. When it first got going, I found a lot there I agreed with but in the end it strikes me as just another “liberal” site. And by “liberal” I mean not only that word but “conservative” and “centrist”.

  2. B Psycho says:

    I don’t just link to sites I agree with. I kind of absent-mindedly put this up (didn’t realize I’d hit publish already) about that particular post because I was surprised to see such a fundamental disagreement from that direction there. Since they’re mostly liberal, someone getting into that “social cohesion” stuff was a bit of a loop.

  3. Jaybird says:

    Dude. Show up and leave comments. Give a different perspect than just the big three in the middle.

  4. dL says:

    the daughter position has to contend with the secret police. I’m waiting for a Burkean defense of this thing; but, in reality, the secret police, by virtue of it’s own existence, undermines any claim of “implausible alternatives. If there is no viable alternative to the status quo, then there is no need for this secret police.

  5. B Psycho says:

    Exactly. If there’s really only one way, then why does it need protection?

    What I’d also been trying to explain was that, contrary to his explanation for backing moral preference by the state, doing so actually encourages disorder. Government being out of the picture means nobody has a claim on each others cultural practices, introduce it and now we have something to fight over.

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