Stuff Happens

-I see Occupy Wall Street is on today.  Well, “on” in the sense of it happening, not “on” in the sense of any of the 24-hour MSM channels breaking their usual coverage.  It took 3 hours for ABC to even blog it.  Meanwhile, I can’t seem to find a live feed that works, not even the one on AnonOps’ blog.

-If this is yet another case of Pakistan being Pakistan, the only relevant question is: is the aid money going to stop?

-You’d think with her money she could find a lawyer that knew how the internet worked.  Guess not.

I don’t get it.  First the U.S. government openly talks about vetoing Palestinian statehood, then they…try to get someone else to do it?  Even beyond how strange that approach is, and the obvious offensive nature of the concept of 3rd party veto power over independence, what reason does anyone else with a veto on the “security council” have to care?  Of what interest is this issue to, say, France?

-As a libertarian and a beer enthusiast, I have to ask: if this were publicly available, would it be hypocritical to try it?

-Finally, in looking at other reactions to Roderick Long’s post on health-care I came across a right-wing forum that linked to it.  To one of the comments, I have this to say: The 80’s called, they want their stereotypes back.


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One Response to Stuff Happens

  1. Todd S. says:

    Hmm… direct action can only be effective if people know about it. When the media refuses to tell people about it, it makes direct action an ineffective strategy. I don’t see much way around that.

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