Small, but telling

Meh: Republican primary candidate picks up the baton of DrillBabyDrill and waxes joyously about sticking oil wells damn near anywhere.

Still kind of meh: The candidate is Michelle Bachmann, she of the claimed ability to abolish the laws of supply and demand & bring back $2/gallon gasoline. Drilling for oil in the Everglades was among the specifics given, which got immediate opposition.

Chuckle-worthy: That opposition?  Allen West, fellow “tea party” type, screaming “NIMBY!!” as loud as possible.

Of course, if either of them thought these things through for once, West would realize that every place is in a way somebody‘s backyard, and both him & Bachmann would realize you could drill every inch of U.S. soil and coast & the result would have the same effect on the global oil market as farting into your hand and sniffing it.  But I’m not a miracle worker.



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