I hate being correct…

Back in March, re: western involvement in the Libyan civil war:

The root cause on the part of anti-Qadaffi Libyans — previous non-violent demonstration being met with gunfire — was clearly just. I get the feeling though that once this finally does end, the West is going to see some of the means taken up towards the end they backed and blow chunks.

Shorter UK Independent, re: Libyan rebels’ attitude towards sub-Saharan Africans that happen to be present in Libya: “We smell summary executions”.

This doesn’t change that the initial cause was just.  What this does is confirms the unanswered — even unasked — question lingering whenever this kind of intervention occurs: you are, by association, by expending the tax dollars of your subjects on aiding the effort of another party in another country, backing whatever they do.  Are you OK with that?  If so, say so.  Injecting your Freedom Bombs in the conflict only to later barf up your breakfast is ridiculous, either sack up or butt out.


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