Why neo-liberalism sucks in 2011

“It’s the money…”

Matt Yglesias, in a post about education reform, says the following about a hedge fund guy attached to a particular type of reform, in response to skepticism about it:

He’s given to Mark Begich, Ronnie Musgrove, Kay Hagan, Kirsten Gillibrand, George Miller, Michael Bennet, James Clyburn, Mark Warner, Mary Landrieu, Joe Biden, the New York State Democratic Party, Paul Kanjorsky, Chuck Schumer, Democrats for Education Reform, Alan Khazei, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Jim Himes, Gary Peters, Krystal Ball, Jared Polis, Elwyn Tinkleberg, Tom Allen, Tom Udall, the Democratic National Committee, Reshma Saujani, and Russ Feingold. This looks to me like a person who’s sincerely interested in improving the lot of poor people. (emphasis mine; errors corrected)

You see any poor people in that list?


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2 Responses to Why neo-liberalism sucks in 2011

  1. Joe says:

    And he wasn’t joking?

  2. B Psycho says:

    Far as I could tell. Someone even responded to my pointing this out in the thread by defending it, saying “well, he supports people that support higher taxes, some of which could fund programs”.

    Because having some people take a few dollars from everyone at gunpoint (while his own tax rate remains lower than ours — capital means so much, y’know?), run ’em through the military-industrial-financial complex wringer, then toss a few scraps at some folks provided they make it through the proper flaming hoops is just like simply giving poor people money from his own pocket.

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