In your skull, you know he's right

Ioz returns, and brings with him harsh truth:

Let me explain something to you.  “The Social Safety Net” is not a benefit or an entitlement; it is a bribe.  It is a package of bribes offered to fictitious, created entity called “The Middle Class” in order to entice them away from any sense of solidarity with the poor.  Its origin is anti-Communism.  And it has been very effective.  Middle-class entitelements, from Social Security to the mortgage deduction, have kept you poor slobs in line for seventy years, toiling away, building the foundations and walls of your own prison.  The ongoing “attacks” on those entitelements are not attacks on the middle class by conservatives.   There are no conservatives.  The mass grave has been dug and it is no longer necessary to offer you rations as you stand at its edge.  There never was a middle class; there is an ownership class and there is everyone else.  You don’t own anything that you own.

Yeah, whatever happened to the poor, anyway?
*looks in mirror*


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One Response to In your skull, you know he's right

  1. Todd S. says:

    I almost yelped with joy when I opened my feed reader today and saw 4 or 5 posts from IOZ. So glad I didn’t unsubscribe.

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