Stuff Happens

-Tom Knapp explains the beef with corporate status.  Oh yeah, and gets a column ran on Counterpunch.

-A news organization clinging stubbornly to paper ironically reports on the waning use of paper by another organization: the U.S. Treasury.  When all they have to do is whistle at someone at the Fed to make a few keystrokes, why bother?

-Apparently thanks to an internal mutiny of sorts at Visa, credit card payments to Wikileaks resume.

NATO is griping about the possible effect of Ramadan on the war in Libya.  Excuse me, I mean they’re expressing concern about how kinetic international actions could be sidetracked by faith-based alterations in nutritional routine.  Forgot the NewSpeak…

-When I first heard about the latest edition of terror-panic theater — the idea of al-qaeda operatives implanting bombs into their bodies then getting on planes — my first thought was a humorous one involving breasts.  Danger Room at Wired finishes a post on that by sharing a link showing Homeland Security thought of that in a completely serious and depressing way last year.

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One Response to Stuff Happens

  1. Let’s hope the Homeland Security people don’t see this video:

    (The relevant stuff starts at 0:44.)

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