One Wrong down, many more to go…

Freakin’ wonderful news: Cory Maye, the man for whom a botched narcotics raid on the wrong residence led to a murder charge and death row, is finally, after all this time stolen from him by the state punishing an innocent man for their royal screw-up, is going home:

After 10 years of incarceration, and seven years after a jury sentenced him to die, 30-year-old Cory Maye will soon be going home. Mississippi Circuit Court Judge Prentiss Harrell signed a plea agreement Friday morning in which Maye pled guilty to manslaughter for the 2001 death of Prentiss, Mississippi, police officer Ron Jones, Jr.

Per the agreement, Harrell then sentenced Maye to 10 years in prison, time he has now already served. Maye will be taken to Rankin County, Mississippi, for processing and some procedural work. He is expected to be released within days.

It’s too bad that it requires the peal deal, since his actions were completely justified in the circumstances — he had no reason to expect the ones forcing their way into his home to be police, intending only self-defense.  True justice would’ve meant Cory Maye not only walked, but would have grounds to sue the local and state government officials involved in this.  But release is release, and it’s entirely understandable that, if all it takes to see the light of day again, after years of this injustice, is a “yeah, fine, blame me for your militaristic foolishness” it’d be an accepted tradeoff.

Now to prevent future Cory Mayes, by putting an end to this War on the poor, War on the black and brown, War on Freedom, called the “war on drugs”.


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4 Responses to One Wrong down, many more to go…

  1. Todd S. says:

    As a father myself, I can’t imagine doing anything other than what he did. He also fits the profile of the downtrodden in more ways than just race: he’s not rich.

  2. B Psycho says:

    Class has always been the point. Race is just a shorthand that’s been drilled into our heads for divide and conquer purposes, though some areas drink that koolaid more deeply than others.

  3. When it comes down to it, it’s about money, not melanin.

    Society still largely turns a blind eye to injustice against the poor, but as cameras and the internet proliferates the definition of poor is being properly re-shaped as less about wealth and more about a bounty of peace (from the police), freedoms and justice that all should enjoy, not just a privileged class.

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