Everything is not money. Nor should it be.

Jeremy Weiland makes a great point here, in response to Jeffery Tucker:

I do not love commerce. I think it’s one way free people interact. There are others, some that I prefer. There are none that I think are so fundamental that I disconnect them from the particularist details of the situation, elevating the abstraction to some sort of platonic ideal of supreme perfection. Commerce is not, in other words, my religion. I’ve known people who worship it, and they generally do not impress me.

I think a lot of people misinterpret libertarian talk about freedom with regard to markets as being inherently references to everything being determined by prices.  This, explanation that the emphasis is on free, and not necessarily market (at least if you assume the standard tendency of think about Wall Street when someone says “the market”.  By far, that entity ironically operates more off of politics than prices anyway, led by the nose), is highly important.  A free market is meaningless without the ability to freely switch back and forth on an individual level between competition and cooperation.  This is what must be available because it’s spontaneously expected, favoring one or the other is denial of reality.  As overall liberty is exit, rather than mere voice, economic liberty cannot assume away groups or endeavors that operate off of other than profit.


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