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Pigs are flying.  The sky is raining Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  Someone squeezed the stone that is the Weiner “scandal” and drew an actual relevant to politics point:

What is it with these guys? Or to put it another way: What does it mean to be a white male in power at this moment in history? In one of the photos Weiner sent to an online pal, he’s pointing to himself while holding up a handwritten sign with an arrow pointing to himself, labeled “Me.” It’s as if he’s picking himself out of a lineup.

Think about this for a moment.  As a member of the U.S. house of representatives, Weiner is part of an institution that claims power over millions of lives and trillions of dollars.  The ostensible justification for the power of Weiner and his colleagues, as so thoroughly drilled into public government school students’ heads, is supposed to be expressing The Will of The People — in his case, the people of New York’s 9th congressional district.  He is, on paper, expected to speak and act for them.

This task, this power, is handed to the type of people who take pictures of themselves pointing at themselves, after weighing whether pointing at themselves with both their free finger AND a sign with an arrow on it would be overkill and responding with “nah, just go with it”.

A bit like handing matches to a known pyro, innit?


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