Failure Everywhere

Looking at the economic news lately, I keep having one recurring thought pop into my head: where are the pitchforks? Really, where? Have we sold them all? Are people here really such complacent, unquestioning sheep that a fundamentally unjust system can express its total lack of logic right in our faces and we just shrug?

The zero-sum game continues at its usual pace, as employment remains in a crater while the profits of the well-connected go like nothing is happening. Meanwhile, what’s the topic of discussion here? Some congressman’s dick (again), and Obama bragging about the auto bailout as if it actually solves anything. Yeah, if they’d shut down there would’ve been a bunch of job losses, so they get propped up, resulting in… a bunch of job losses. I would love nothing more than for someone to, next time he makes like it’s some grand accomplishment to hold up the zombie that is Detroit, ask him point blank “why did we ever think it made sense to concentrate such a huge economic chunk in a single area dominated by a couple ultra-behemoths in the first place?”. Like I’ve explained before, central planning is central planning, whether you call it GM or some Sovietesque name like PeoplesCar is irrelevant, all you are doing in either case is making systemic collapse more likely. Shit, lock your average corporate capitalist in a room with a Stalinist and a hidden camera & watch how much they agree on.

Speaking of systemic collapse…forget QE3, at this rate they might as well start talking about QE12. What isn’t being acknowledged is that the point is not to “stimulate” anything other than the nether regions of bank executives, as no one can possibly keep injecting “liquidity” this long without saying to themselves “hey, wait a minute…it gets to the BofA level and just stops! WTF?” The flow of money is not for your benefit, it never has, and never will be as long as these institutions breathe.

While I’m not sure the full details of their preferences, I can’t help but sympathize to an extent with the Greeks that stormed that finance building. I mean, fuck, if you’re not going to allow an actual market order to exist, you have no other choice but to bribe your subjects in the long run. Their government officials are probably thinking “why couldn’t these folks be more like the yanks? Why, those people just roll over for their culture war crack and forget all about having a real say in their lives”.

Then again, if Americans did something similar we’d probably be shot on sight. Unless, of course, the ones doing it were a bunch of homophobes trying to pry a gay pride flag off the building…



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