Great moments in historical omission

At BJ again, Freddie de Boer responds to Conor Friedersdorf criticizing the USPS.  As is seen by Conor’s argument on this being such a typical political cliche while civil liberties and questioning war are still largely considered Librul Hippie Crap, in the U.S. the operational definition of a “conservative” is one who thinks tax-funded mail delivery is more troubling than the military-industrial complex.  That said, check out what the absolute first comment on Freddie’s post puts forth:

Well, the entire point of creating a national postal system, and establishing by congressional fiat that it cannot have a competitor, was recognition that a free-market postal system cannot work. The founders had this figured out 200 years ago. They knew that there would always be Americans too far-flung to be profitable customers, and that the inability to deliver to every American was a hazard to the nation – both economically and democratically.

Two things:

1) Note how “free-market” is automatically assumed to equal corporate capitalist structure.  Thanks a lot, right-wingers.  Yet…

2) Lysander Spooner called.  He said to tell you “After that whole wisdom-of-the-founders thing, I undercut the gov’t so hard they sicced the lawyers on my epically-bearded ass”.


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