Stuff Happens

-U.S. officials deliberately leak that porn was found at the Bin Laden compound.  All too convenient on their part, probably intended as some sort of psychological tactic, but still quite believable.  He more than likely claimed it was “research” on The Continued Decadence of The West or something.

-“Lazy Cakes“?  Really?  I more expected that one out in California, where the key ingredient would be ganja butter.  BTW: is it just me, or has the drum beat of “kids might do this, so we should ban it for everyone” been going faster than usual lately?

-Shorter Brits re: the war in Libya: “I can has eskulayshun?

CopBlock notes yet another case of a violent bigot keeping his badge.  WTF, Seattle, you waiting for this guy to blow someones head off for DWB?

-The head of the IMF got arrested on sexual assault charges.  “Officers, what are you doing!  I have diplomati– oh, wait, no I don’t.  Shit…”

LeBron James nearly gives David Stern a heart attack.

-Intellectual Property weirdness: “Seal Team 6” is being trademarked by Disney.

As for the silence until today, this is why.


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