Oh, the pettiness

Another entry for the “little things saying a lot” watch here, this time an awkward revelation about U.S./Venezuela relations:

The embittering of relations between Venezuela and the U.S. sank so low in recent years that even a McDonald’s combo meal and a two-for-one offer from Domino’s Pizza were the subject of acrimony.  The tale of the fast-food kerfuffle is one of a multitude of snapshots offered by U.S. diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks and released to McClatchy that shed light on steadily rising tensions between the U.S. and the government of fiery populist Hugo Chavez. […]

The feud over fast food unfolded in late 2008. A cable describing the event was titled: “Venezuelan government versus the combo meal.”

Like many of the U.S. cables, it held a slight tone of derision. It noted that a consumer protection law a few months earlier “is wide open to interpretation and has led to odd rulings resulting in frequent restaurant closures and bans on such promotions as fast food combo meals and ‘two for one Tuesdays.'”

Yes, the government of Venezuela showing such intricate concern over fast food promotions is weird.  So is the idea that this issue is of any damn concern whatsoever to the U.S. government.  Why, it’s as if the State department thinks of itself as a representative of McDonald’s or something…


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