Don't think of a birth certificate

When I first heard about Obama releasing his much-screamed about “long form” birth certificate — leaving completely out the fact that the document previously released was legitimate for official use & was exactly what the average person born in Hawaii would get if requesting a copy — my first thought was this:

“‘Trying to squash the controversy’?  Nah.  More like feeding it deliberately.”

Think about it: the birther crew completely glossed over official documents & made claims going from merely being born in Kenya to outlandish, obvious bullshit like him being Malcom X’s son, a secret Muslim, and part of a decades-long conspiracy to get a non-citizen elected president (y’know, I’m not the evil genius type, but I think if I were one, and I lived in the 60’s, I’d have come up with a more plausible future president of a nation still with de jure segregation & lynchings than a bi-racial kid named Barack Hu-fucking-ssein Obama.) and blahevilsocialismblahblah.  They would not, and never will, believe anything that does not conform to what they already believe to be true, and offering up conflicting evidence just makes them angrier.  Birtherism ended up gaining traction with the Republican base, and guess who the prospective GOP nominee would have to get past to win the nomination?

The whole mess is going to continue anyway.  Look what this story fights for space and wins against though.


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3 Responses to Don't think of a birth certificate

  1. Now we finally know what Obama was hiding on his birth certificate. Under favorite band, it says: “Nickleback.”

  2. 342661-001 says:

    Hey Mr. Carnival Barker Trump, where are your tax returns now that the POTUS has shown his long form birth certificate? PutUpOrShutup

  3. B Psycho says:

    ^^^see what I mean about the AI of spambots? Relevant comments, clearly delivered by a program scanning for certain keywords, as excuse to link to advertising (the links of which I’ve removed).

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