Ain’t science freakin’ awesome?:

Synthetic drugs that claim to mimic drugs like cannabis aren’t safe and should be banned, according to researchers from the University of Central Missouri who shared their findings n Wednesday.

The researchers spoke to police and school leaders at the Kansas City Police Academy on Wednesday. They tested synthetic drugs like “K-2” on human subjects in Warrensburg. In one test, a man agreed to smoke synthetic marijuana for researchers, and an hour after taking a few hits still had problems maintaining his balance.

“He had an anxiety attack as he was sitting there, he felt the world was coming down around him,” said Tracey Durbin of the Missouri Safety Center, which conducted the testing. Durbin says that the early results suggest synthetic marijuana makes people more aggressive and paranoid, not silly and mellow like traditional cannabis. (emphasis mine)

What with how much of our political system thrives off aggression and paranoia, you’d think they’d LOVE K-2 then, eh?  Promoted as hippie juice, but veers those damn stoners right back to Real Merkinhood!  I wouldn’t be shocked if a brand name out there for it made a military reference.


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