Declaration of eh, whatever

Inevitably, the “no fly zone” in Libya expanded to outright joining a civil war with air power on a side.  Kevin Drum, who far as I can tell is relatively ambivalent about the whole thing* says in reference that fact the following:

[T]his is a very far cry from merely enforcing a no-fly zone. We’re fighting a war in Libya, and anyone who tries to pretend otherwise is just trying to distract you from the truth.

When people who somehow see the entry of the U.S. & Europe into the battle as a grey area are even echoing this point…

(* – his view, based on what I’ve read that he’s said since this broke out, seems to be best summarized as not quite cheering it but holding out a hope that Everything’s Gonna Be Alright so he can treat criticism afterward as being Cynical Partisanship)


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