False narratives, ships passing in the night

Since everyone and their mother has a book to promote lately, Rand Paul went on The Daily Show to promote his last night.  A clip of the most relevant part follows:

A few things to note:

-The mention of crony capitalism (aka “capitalism”) by Paul was somewhat of a surprise at first.  Then I realized he meant it as playing to his audience more than the actual point itself.  Too bad, because there’s a lesson for him if he considered why bailing out high finance gets so little resistance.

-John sticking to the Progressive Idealist script, in the face of evidence to the contrary, was even lazier than usual this time.  Responding to the fact of government intervening on the side of big business by retreating to portrayal of the political “debate” as Smash the State vs Magically Make the State Better is like responding to a brat falling off your plate at a cookout by exclaiming “the brat does not exist!”.   Digging further into the collusion between the Fed and the banks would’ve been nice.

-Later on, in response to something about the environment, Rand Paul actually says “no one has the right to pollute their neighbors’ property”.  How exactly would he square this with what he said about the oil spill in the gulf?  Does he realize that the only reason the drilling could even take place there was that a 3rd party — the U.S. government — assumed a property right (and thus the right to grant access) on that area?  The rightful ownership to those waters as a resource defaults to residents of the gulf region themselves, yet they were bypassed.

-Speaking of oil…”milk has oil in it”?  WTF?

-John’s comment on corporations as “not our neighbors” hinted towards questioning corporate status itself..and then he just drops it.  That structure didn’t pop up out of nowhere, what does he think as far as reconciling this with his remark claiming the current shape of the government is “organic”/from The People”/etcetera?


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3 Responses to False narratives, ships passing in the night

  1. JKR says:

    You have got to be kidding. He means crony capitalism. So does Ron Paul, his Dad. They are as against corporatism as anyone, and see the ‘regulatory capture’ by corporations of government as a huge reason to have less government.

  2. B Psycho says:

    From what I’ve seen, Rand seems to blur the line on this issue compared to his dad. Even if not, just because you believe something doesn’t mean you can’t still play to the crowd. Does he point out regulatory capture when he’s on other shows & regulation is a topic?

  3. Hey man, I like your stuff. You’re a little more middle of the road than I am, but I like the balance. I found you on blogfarm, and I followed you on google and networked blogs. I’ll definitley keep an eye on your site.
    Here’s my link if you’re interested in a neocon’s view. lol

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