"No leader? That does not compute, earthling!"

U.S. attempts at butting in on the revolution in Libya hit a snag:

The Obama administration has emphatically called for Libyan dictator Moammar Kadafi to step down and has pledged assistance to the rebels seeking to overthrow him.

Yet the U.S. has far less clarity on a key issue: Who’s in charge of the Libyan revolution?

U.S. diplomats this week began an intense effort to communicate with the protesters, seeking to identify their leaders and long-term goals. But after three days of calls to Libya from diplomats including U.S. Ambassador Gene Cretz in Washington, both of those questions remain unanswered, officials say.  “There are a lot of disparate views out there,” sighed a senior administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive diplomacy. Many of the figures who appear to be calling the shots in Libya “are really obscure,” the official said. “And they really don’t know yet what they want to do.”

Trying to figure out who’s going to end up in charge, the official said, is like trying to figure out “who’s going to be the Republican nominee in 2012.”

You want to know who is leading this?  Just ask who had relatives or friends whose previous peaceful demonstration was met with gunfire.  That is who leads, and there are a lot of them.

BTW: I don’t recall the initial protests featuring signs saying “we came unarmed (this time)”…


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