Their country, their solution

-I’m personally against the death penalty, but if Muamarr Quadaffi turns up swinging from a flagpole…so be it, that’s how they want to finish it, fine, that’s them.

-For all that we laugh at the goofiness behind various dictators, these incidents are painful reminder that what we see as comic relief is anything but where they’re at.  Sometimes, inbetween the chuckles about their personality quirks, it needs to be remembered: these are dictators.  They are scum.  Louis C.K. is funny too, but he’s not likely to mow down people that disapprove of his act with fighter jets.

-Since it’s coming up as a topic: Sanctions will accomplish jack squat.  He clearly doesn’t care about his people, as 1) a lot of what was supposed to go to them found it’s way into secret bank accounts, & 2) he’s openly saying for protesters to be shot! The narrative of outsiders causing the revolt has already been played, how the hell is reinforcing that lie supposed to help the resistance?


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