Pass the Koch straw pon de left 'an side

Addressing the following to progressives, re: Scott Walker taking a direct call from “David Koch“:

Yes, someone was able to get a direct line to the head of a state simply by claiming to be a billionaire with interests in the state.  Imagine all the similar calls, with the real people on the other end, that get through to anyone from mayors to governors to US congressmen on a regular basis.  Why do you think that is?  Considering their wealth, what reason would they have for such direct communication?  Assuming your previous interpretation and belief still holds — that the problem is money in politics (assuming limits directly referring to donations), rather than the political system deliberately being one that assigns power to money in the first place, what do you propose doing about it that could NOT be skillfully reinterpreted as incumbent insurance?

Seriously.  When it comes to the workers involved, I’d say that I’m with them to the extent what they do would still have demand in a post-state society.  Children would still need to be taught how to read and whatnot, trash would still have to be disposed of somehow regardless of if it were paid by taxation or not.  In contrast, there is no legitimate demand for people whose jobs consist of harassment, detainment and abuse of people who aren’t violating anyone, with total disregard to the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” when it involves serious accusations — and more often than not, minorities. You argue the case of unvarnished positive value for government, meanwhile the concept proves itself nonsense on a regular basis.  What say you?


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One Response to Pass the Koch straw pon de left 'an side

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