Stuff Happens

-Re: this:   No duh they knew.  How about more in depth stories about just how much of high finance, under the surface, is no different?  What’s that you say?  When pigs fly?

-I hear the winner of the final round gets to turn the two losers into batteries & touch off an epic struggle involving lots of guns, leather, and random mythology…

-Normally I wouldn’t go after such an easy target, but sometimes timing is too brutal to ignore: So…who wants to ask the CPAC crowd that willingly listened to Ann Coulter if they’re disappointed this happened on the street instead of in an Egyptian prison?

-Says the main source of WMD claims in Iraq, about his reason for feeding the war with bullshit in the first place: “Believe me, there was no other way to bring about freedom to Iraq. There were no other possibilities”.  World lets out a collective “Cut the crap, dude…” in response.


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