The care & training of citizen guinea pigs

So, if previous polling is accurate, the U.S. public is simultaneously:

-Concerned about the national debt.
-Opposed to the type of spending cuts that would make a dent in the deficit, which adds to the debt.
-Largely opposed to tax rates that would cover the amount of spending, which grows the deficit, which adds to the debt.

This isn’t even bringing up the question of if the system that this is taking place in should even exist, merely the context of it’s funding & what it ostensibly does with it.  With any organization this same issue comes up.  Stuff has to be paid for, and fewer resources rationally = less stuff you can get.  If that’s ignored, you end up with more debt, period.

Getting back to government, consensus is for getting more stuff without the money to pay for it, which = more debt.  Remember that “debt ceiling” thing?  Well…:

The U.S. public overwhelmingly opposes raising the country’s debt limit even though failure to do so could hurt America’s international standing and push up borrowing costs, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.  Some 71 percent of those surveyed oppose increasing the borrowing authority, the focus of a brewing political battle over federal spending. Only 18 percent support an increase.

It’s going to go up regardless, because what the public thinks about the debt ceiling will simply be ignored.  The rest of the article talks about spending, and there is one bright spot in that 51% voiced support for military budget cuts, though no question of how deep the cuts desired by respondents.  The most popular target for cuts is, unfortunately, foreign aid, which makes up virtually squat of the budget anyway.

I don’t talk about this sort of thing just because the contradictions amuse me.  When people are so thoroughly detached from real input, relegated to ritual click & pray every couple years within the context of a soft press & a self-perpetuating political culture built on screaming about the meaningless & waving shiny trinkets, can you really blame them?  If your opinion matters squat, that saps the incentive to have an informed one.

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