To state what should be plainly obvious already

Regardless of ANY political point you claim to be making, the moment you advocate killing people to fulfill it, let alone actually go out and do it yourself, your “argument” automatically fails.

That anyone gives a flying fuck about the political views of that nutjob in Arizona, even to just use them to score points, is ridiculous, a sad reminder of just how goofy the society we live in is.  I mean, really, bickering is going on about whether he’s “left” or “right” as a reason for spraying a goddamn crowd in front of a Safeway!  To use the shooting that way is to insinuate legitimacy to the act that is clearly undeserved.

I had more to say on the topic, basically about how when government agents assault & kill civilians the level of outcry is disturbingly muted in comparison, but Balko beat me to it.


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One Response to To state what should be plainly obvious already

  1. Todd S. says:

    The more they identify the shooter with the Tea Party, the more they hurt their own case of “anti-government” violence. If it is indeed the Tea Party and “right-wing extremism” to blame, would that not be statist-on-statist violence?

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