The unintentional utility of an anachronism

Over the years, usually when some passing story comes along involving Britain, one thing that has puzzled me is why they still have royalty.  Not a completely serious question, more like in the sense of pointing out how weird it is for a modern, western, major “player” of sorts to have Queen/Prince/Princess blahblahblah.  Politically they haven’t meant anything in forever, since Britain has a parliament, so that family is just title-sanctioned old wealth.  Considering where that wealth originally came from — that is, various state-led armed robberies during the time when they did actually rule — voiding their property titles and turning Buckingham Palace into a squatter village would be quite justified.

So, really, what is their purpose?  This story has a suggestion: “someone for the angry populace to throw stuff at other than the Prime Minister”.


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