Stuff would still be nice

In case anyone wonders about the wish list button to the right, in light of Amazon kicking Wikileaks off their cloud servers:

-I’m broke as hell anyway, so they’re at no loss if I don’t buy something.
-The only other thought I had as an alternative was money through Paypal, and then they committed what I personally see as a much worse dick move.
-Julian said himself that a key reason for using Amazon as a server location was to test whether they could be pressured.  He expected this to happen, and was proven right.
-I would not have been surprised if Amazon not kicking Wikileaks off resulted in cyber attacks directed at Amazon via the U.S. government.

Do I like what they did?  Obviously not.  Keep in mind the initial offense though.  If someone forces you at gunpoint to kick a dog, and you do it, the asshole with the gun is the primary concern.

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3 Responses to Stuff would still be nice

  1. Jeremy says:

    My thing is not that AMZN is “bad” for kicking off Wikileaks so much as corporations are “bad” by their very nature. The managers are legally required to pursue profit maximization at the expense of all other social, cultural, and legal values. The corporate form is almost designed to pragmatically lick the government’s heel. That doesn’t make them victims, though, since they do this in exchange for maintaining their ongoing privileges from government. The problem is not so much that Wikileaks did what it did as why it couldn’t have acted any other way.

    BTW, I’ve really been digging the blog lately. You’ve found a really entertaining and passionate voice in your writing.

  2. B Psycho says:

    To be honest, I was shocked that Amazon even accepted Wikileaks in the first place. Considering the ongoing media storm, whoever makes those kind of decisions for their cloud service either lives in a total media blackout or thought the controversy would be somehow worth it for business. How, if the latter, beats me…

  3. Jeremy says:

    See, that’s what the terms of service are for; AMZN signs everybody up who wants to sign up without any sort of review. Then they can selectively kick em off at will for “TOS violations” after the fact.

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