Why the hell did I read this?

Some people have the weirdest interpretations of elections.  For example:

This was the serious concern that percolated beneath the normal froth and nonsense of the elections: Is political power – are government commands and controls – superseding and suffocating the creativity of a market society’s spontaneous order? On Tuesday, a rational and alarmed American majority said “yes.”

George Will has a different definition of some words than most.  By “market society”, he means corporate capitalism.  When he says people who voted are “rational”, that translates to them picking preferences that line up with his own to enforce on their neighbors at gunpoint.  And approximately half of a group that makes up less than half is a “majority” in his lexicon.  Also, up is down, freedom is slavery, and Bud Light is real beer.

Considering who this is, none of that statement is worth taking at face value.  Hell, it’s not even worth lining a bird cage with.   But place that question in the mouth of someone who would mean it, and it becomes clear: a true affirmative answer would be to dismantle political power itself.  Instead, of the small portion of people that vote, an even smaller percentage basically said “throw the bums out!  And replace them with other bums, who we will tire of in short order just like the last ones!!  Why?  Because we like to ignore history!!  And huff paint thinner, but mostly ignore history…”


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