Using your noggin

Been watching a lot of football lately.  The pros apparently have been headbutting each other more often than usual, with the sports media talking about what the NFL might do in response.  A few words about that:

Football is a contact sport.  Inherently, people will be hit, and some will be hurt.  That is, and must remain, an accepted part of the sport, otherwise it becomes pointless.  I’ve had an issue with some of the rule changes over the years running away from this common sense, particularly with regards to restrictions on contact with the quarterback — the protection for the QB is the O-line, if he gets sacked & injured in the process, then either they failed or he held the ball waaay too long.  That said, with helmet-to-helmet collisions the danger is obvious, and I can completely understand why it’d be something the league would want to prevent.

The referees have a lot to pay attention to.  I don’t envy them (though I imagine they make decent money…).  Yet on this matter, judging intent of hits are already within their role, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask that, if suspensions are to come for helmet-to-helmet collisions that they be purely limited to intentional contact.  An accident in mid-air should not be seen the same as a safety thinking it’d be a hoot to headbutt the opposing tight end.

Speaking of which, considering that the danger is mutual, what does that say about the cranial contents of the guy who would deliberately initiate such a hit?  It’s a helmet, helmets have flaws & do not absorb 100% of force, the history of concussions in football is long enough by now that one would think you don’t have to tell a player this.

Then again, maybe past blows to the head are the reason they’re that dumb…


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