Sexuality and Denial

Ross Douthat, in reply to an Andrew Sullivan comment on monogamy in the course of discussing recognition of same-sex marriages by the State:

…Once you’ve acknowledged that lifelong heterosexual monogamy and its fruits are distinctive in some sense, I think that you only have to look around at the world as we know it to recognize that Sullivan’s question about whether that ideal can “rest on its own laurels” answers itself.

He then proceeds to waste the next 2,514 words to say “hell no, it can’t!  That’s why government must actively prop it up, lest my personal favored cultural preference withers away!”

This, after even he, Ross fucking Douthat, has realized that lifelong heterosexual monogamy is not a natural thing.  Placing a penis inside a vagina until orgasm can lead to a new life and the ultimate consummation of a loving relationship, or the end of a business transaction, or anything inbetween, the key is what the people in that bedroom/hotel bathroom/kitchen/backyard pool personally intend.  You can feel free to believe that one end is a beautiful thing and the other is heathen conduct, even throw on top of that that valley-yodeling or buttsex are yucky, but that’s what you think.  Saying “I believe this very deeply” does not a case for preference backed up by firearms make.

Tell you what, let’s have a bet.  If you’re correct about The Downfall of Traditional Morality then the human race will gradually off itself.  If I’m correct, I get to laugh at you.  Deal?


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