Small vs Mean

John Quiggin: “I will ignore evidence to the contrary & say libertarianism = Objectivism.  Going Galt is a ripoff, so settle for living among Republicans in the suburbs”

Jim Henley: “I dunno about that.  But…too bad the popularity of limiting gov’t, let alone doing away with it, tracks with irrational fear of waves of Undeserving Darky.”

dL: “Um…Jim?  Last I checked, writing off chunks of the populace as cockroaches led to calling the Orkin men, not ‘let us leave them be’…”

Yes, this conversation still exists.  A key to why it’s still so persistent is that John & his peers seem to take everyone who says they want “less gov’t” seriously, regardless of how incoherent they end up when asked to clarify.  What those suburban Republicans really end up saying when you scratch the surface is “don’t mess with ME, mess with THEM!!”, with the obligatory finger-pointing.  The lifestyle that he cites as a better deal than “going Galt” is only so because said Republicans are heavily subsidized.  “Red” states are on average tax-eaters (meaning they get more money from the federal government than they pay into the system); within a state, “red” areas act similarly, with regard to tax revenue vs spending, compared to the generally more HippieLibrulSocialist cities.

In other words: Wannabe Galts aren’t paying the market rate.

Want to know why they aren’t?  dL has that covered…


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