Close counts in horseshoes

Me, 3 months ago:

60-40 confirmation, Scott Brown flips.  NEXT!

What actually happened:

The Senate confirmed U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan on Thursday as the 112th justice to the Supreme Court, making her the fourth woman ever to sit on the high court.  On a 63 to 37 vote, Kagan became President Obama’s second lifetime appointment to the court in the past year — the vote was held a year after Sonia Sotomayor won 68 votes for her confirmation as the court’s first Latina justice.

Five Republicans supported Kagan, 50, to succeed retired justice John Paul Stevens. One Democrat, Ben Nelson (Neb.), was opposed.

Brown voted no, btw.

Let’s try another prediction then: Ben Nelson is switching parties after the mid-terms.  He said he wasn’t, but politicians lie anyway, he will.


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