Lizard Brain*

Some people have things that they are really into.  I mean REALLY into.  Creepily.  That object of obsession can be anything: shoes, action figures, knives, rubber bands even.  For example, here’s someone who calls himself “Newt” demonstrating his obsession with war:

I believe [former president George W. Bush] was right but in fact could not operationalize what he said. That is, there was an Axis of Evil, Iran, Iraq, North Korea. Well we’re one out of three. And people ought to think about that. If Bush was right in January of 2002 — and by the way virtually the entire Congress gave him a standing ovation when he said it — then why is it that the other two parts of the Axis of Evil are still visibly, cheerfully making nuclear weapons? And it’s because we’ve stood at brink, looked over and thought, “Too big a problem.”

The U.S. is currently involved in two wars, yet this guy wants two more.  Sad, isn’t it?

As if that isn’t bad enough, his delusions are even leading him to consider running for president, just to have the chance to sit in the driver seat of a war himself.  In this advanced stage, “Newt” may already have a Defense secretary in mind.  I’ve obtained footage of one potential candidate, a contemporary military expert, giving a strategy speech:

(* – yes, I know newts technically aren’t lizards, but why insult newts?)

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