Shotgun. Side of a barn. Miss. Try again?

The Washington Post’s Alec MacGillis has a bright idea:

Americans are angry at Washington, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does the federal government seem more ineffectual than ever in the face of ongoing economic hardship, but the capital has so far coasted through the downturn relatively unscathed.

The unemployment rate in metro Washington is 6 percent, well below the national average of 9.5 percent, and Virginia and Maryland have two of the three highest job-creation rates in the country. Meanwhile, the region is siphoning off many of America’s brightest workers: The nation’s five most educated counties, judging by the percentage of residents with college degrees, are all in metro Washington. The area’s prosperity gap with the rest of the country is increasingly glaring — particularly if you’re sitting in Michigan or Rhode Island or Nevada.

But instead of just ranting about Washington — or running against it, for those on the hustings — how about breaking it up?

Way ahead of you, buddy.  I’ve been for dismantling central government for years, but it is amazing that someone working for the local newspaper there would express such a sentiment.  He even got it PUBLISHED!

Wait a minute…what’s that?  That’s not what you mean by breaking up Washington?  Then what do you mean?

It’s an admittedly improbable idea, given the universal instinct for self-preservation, but with Washington burgeoning in a time of general economic gloom, why not address the imbalance by dispersing the government more broadly? Such a move would spread more evenly the benefits of federal employment (and its contractor hangers-on). It would make the federal bureaucracy more attuned to regional issues. And it just might help dissipate some of the anti-Washington venom that’s coursing through the country. (emphasis mine)

People are angry with the federal government.  Some because it props up big business & harasses people who have done nothing to anyone at home, while killing innocents abroad.  Others because despite the ever-expanding promises of politicians their livelihoods still wither to nothing.  And, of course, some because they (mistakenly) think their tax dollars are funding T-bone steaks for masses of Undeserving Darky.  And you mean to tell me your “solution” is changing the distribution of federal government jobs?  Are you high?!?

Already, the federal government is less clustered on the Potomac than many think. Eighty-three percent of its 1.9 million civilian employees (not counting postal workers) are outside metro Washington, from Homeland Security agents at borders and in airports to rangers in national parks to NASA engineers in Houston. The country’s federalist system further distributes public jobs outside Washington, to the 50 state governments. (emphasis mine)

Nah, he’s not high.  That much short-term memory loss can only be explained by one thing: head injury.  Probably from sticking it up his rectum too fast.


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2 Responses to Shotgun. Side of a barn. Miss. Try again?

  1. ricketson says:

    “Eighty-three percent of its 1.9 million civilian employees (not counting postal workers) are outside metro Washington”

    Hmm… at least 370,000 of those Federal employees (i.e. soldiers) are outside of the USA.

  2. b psycho says:

    Good point. I doubt most people have those in mind when they think of cushy gov’t jobs these days…

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