Various amusing stuff

No particular unifying thread:

-File this one under “People being predictable and/or stupid”.  Note to self: resist urge to brag about retaliation killing on public forum…

-Gee, Fox”News”!   Your “sources” just missed the Beware of Darky trifecta!  Quick, throw in ACORN or the New Black Panthers or something!

-Shorter Larison on the ridiculous New York mosque multi-use community center controversy: “When hacks like Palin & Gingrich open their mouths, The Terrorists Win”

-Too much debt: bad for you.  Too little debt: bad for credit card companies…

-Oh, that Obama, he’s such a Man of the (rich enough to blow $30k for admission to a birthday party) People…

-For an alarm to do it’s job, which is to warm you of stuff, it has to be turned on.  Case in point.

-Two words: False Advertising.

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Left-libertarian blogger & occasional musician.
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