"…And what's BAD for GM…"

Hybrid cars.  At least as far as the U.S. market goes, they’re either still a total ripoff (that is, more of one than the average brand new car is by default), or the technology has been absurdly refitted so as to facilitate boasts of SUVs getting mileage that is merely decent in any other type of vehicle.  I don’t know how car prices or gas mileage are in China, but allegedly a former General Motors employee not only does, but sought to do something about that & make some money in the process:

A former General Motors engineer and her husband conspired to steal trade secrets about hybrid technology and use the information to make private deals with Chinese competitors, according to a federal indictment unsealed Thursday.  Shanshan Du and Yu Qin, both of Troy, were indicted on conspiracy, fraud and other charges. They had been under scrutiny for years and were charged in 2006 with destroying documents sought by investigators, a case that was dropped while a broader probe was pursued. […]

Du, 51, and Qin, 49, were arrested Thursday and remained mostly silent during a court appearance where they waived a reading of the indictment. Not-guilty pleas were entered for them. The maximum penalty if convicted is 20 years in prison.

Theft of trade secrets is a threat to national security,” Andrew Arena, head of the FBI in Detroit, said in a statement. (emphasis mine)

Reasonable people tend to read “threat to national security” as referring to potential for an act of war.  Last I checked, GM was out of the weapon manufacturing business, & China has plenty of weapons already.  I call bullshit.


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