Can dictionaries be recalled?

TPM comments section again, this time in a post on John Boehner saying something should be repealed that hasn’t even passed yet:

TPM regular: “When did rabid anarchists take over the Republican party?”
Me: “They’re definitely rabid.  But “anarchists”?
Another regular: “Is there a term for a group of people who refuse to recognize any method of governance that they don’t agree with? I don’t think ‘dissident’ is strong enough a term here.  They see the whole thing as completely illegitimate, despite a majority of the voting public saying otherwise over the course of 2+ years.”

Once again “Dissident?  Anarchist?  Right-wing Republican?  Same thing!” Blargh…

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2 Responses to Can dictionaries be recalled?

  1. dL says:

    Both the partisan political left and right see each other as illegitimate.

    Actually, I, think a perverted, culturally conservative Rothbardianism has infiltrated much of the conservative critique against Obama. Glenn Beck, for example, is borrowing heavily from the Lew Rockwell crowd.

    It just goes to show how brain dead politics really is, these days.

    Btw, we will see the return of the “libertarian democrat,” because the Dems have followed Obama off the cliff. The Repubs are going to end up with majority control again, either by 2012 or 2016. Wait for the holy hell to let loose when they get control and go after abortion and contraception in terms of Health Care.

    At this point, I’m of the opinion that the Country could not survive any extended majority rule, say 3 terms, by any party. It would break up.

  2. b psycho says:

    At least if it gets to where we’re seeing fistfights on the House floor there’d be some entertainment.

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