Miami Vice

A few things about “The Decision”:

-Strategically, if winning is what matters to Lebron as he said, this was the best choice he could make.  I’ve been saying the past few years that he needs to be paired with a scorer effective enough to not be able to be left alone to go double James, and he’s gone waaay beyond that.  He went from being on a team whose next most effective scorer chewed up valuable paint space to get 12 freakin’ points per, to a team where the question for the opposition won’t be “who do we leave to double Lebron?” but “How much do we have to bribe the refs to let us play 5-on-8?”.

-As for whether he could’ve handled it better: no duh.  If it were my call, Wade & Bosh would’ve pretended to still agonize over their decisions, and instead of the stupid ESPN special Lebron would’ve just said “Miami.  You’ll see why…”.  The next moment, AP wire breaks the other two’s signings.  That way, the news would’ve largely been about the shock of the three of them, rather than about Lebron.

-Doesn’t this kinda fly in the face of the whole stereotypical “all they care about is money” grumbling?  The three of them agreed to take less money just so they could play together!  Besides, there’s two parties to a contract, and in sports the other is a billionaire, usually a reclusive old white one.  While I don’t think of it primarily in such terms, if the modern pro sports culture results in rags-to-riches stories for minorities it can’t be all bad.

-Dan Gilbert is a joke, btw.  If you thought he was a quitter then why’d you even want him back?

-The dolchstoss narrative roared forth with more force than even I expected.  Jersey burnings, people crying, and, well…check out what had to post on their articles:

    Note for commenters
    We understand your anger, but please show that Cleveland has class: no racism, no vulgarity, and leave James’ family out of it.

    Anyone else find it puzzling that racists would be able to watch basketball without bursting into flames?


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