The tubes, they are unkind…

Shorter Michael Gerson, w/r/t Dave Weigel’s Journolist remarks: “Snark…anger…PROFANITY!!  WHAT HATH WE WROUGHT!?!?”

Whoever transcribed this post from Gerson’s fine quill pen scribbings on tanned yak hide to that shiny spirit box with the blinking lights on his desk he’s so afraid of needs to tell him sometime that there are these things on the internet called “message boards” (and newsgroups even before that), on which people have been calling each other lying, Hitler-worshipping baby-stompers who should be anally violated with a rusty tire iron then locked in a box full of fire ants while their mother watches, over topics as diverse as politics, religion, music, sports, favorite architects,  even whether one prefers chunky or smooth peanut butter, ever since the internet began.  Regardless, many of these people dish out & take such bashing & live rather normal lives otherwise.  I can recall multiple times where in the course of a heated argument participants (including me) have told each other to go fuck themselves with a pipe wrench, yet I’m mellow in public almost to a fault.

As for his attempt to tie Weigel in with a larger critique of “ugly” politics & beg for “civility”, based on the personalities he describes, I can only conclude “civility” consists of a circle-jerk of “moderate” Serious People dismissing any passionate outsiders simply on the basis of their passion & not their argument: “Birthers?  DFHs that said Iraq was going to be a disaster & were proven right?  Same thing!”


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