Bits and pieces

Things happen:

-Rand Paul…um, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he’s deliberately throwing that race.  What’s next, plans to kick puppies in public?

-If you were wondering if I thought an alleged drug kingpin with the name Coke was funny, the answer is yes.  C’mon, it’s like having a knife-wielding serial killer named Stabb…

Copyright infringement?  Fuck that, it’s truth in advertising failure!  She’s not even naked!

Shorter Obama to insurance “industry”: “I know I gave you a captive market, but could you wait a bit to take advantage of it?  Please?”

-The surprise to me wasn’t Jack Abramoff getting out, but the existence of a kosher pizzeria.  All the best pizza toppings are made of pork, aren’t they?

-Best For Last: At C4SS, Kevin Carson calls for disgruntled BP employees to spring Leaks We Can (really) Believe In.


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Left-libertarian blogger & occasional musician.
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