Stuff Happens

-BP continues to wing it w/r/t stopping their oil leak.  Meanwhile their stock value sinks.  If this kind of fallout made oil executives flat broke then perhaps there’d be better effort in the Pre-emption of Environmental Catastrophes department, hmm?

Giant sinkholes open up in Guatemala.  Still waiting for the plague of locusts…

-The War on Drugs begets another risk that will invariably be blamed on the drugs themselves.  How long do you think contaminated liquor would stay on sale?

5 people into robes say that you have to speak to say you won’t speak.  The other 4 apparently know a contradiction when they see one.  Besides, doesn’t having to announce intent prior to an action imply you need some sort of recognition to do it?

The International Game of Whack-a-Mole continues.  Any more 3s get knocked down they’re going to challenge Reggie Miller’s record.

-More people than usual in the U.S. kill themselves at work.  Am I the only one that finds this somehow double sad?  I mean, wanting to kill yourself is bad enough, but to still show up for work that day…


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3 Responses to Stuff Happens

  1. The Miranda thing is creepy. Chip, chip, chip…

    And yeah, that isdouble sad 😦

  2. b psycho says:

    From the way they described the case, basically you can now get convicted simply off of not paying attention while a cop is talking.

  3. I swear, nothing surprises me about the US’s descent any longer. Just mark the pole one notch lower, and move on.

    And you can bet your booty that all those new cops fresh out of the slaughter in Iraq or Afghanistan will be delighted about this. Taser up your ass, Miranda-wielding fifth-amendment terrorist? YES WE CAN!

    Oooh! A panda!

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