Dolchstoßlegende and basketball

I see the speculation of the moment is Lebron James ending up in Chicago.  Two reasons why this is not going to happen:

1) Money.  The Cavs can pay Lebron the best if that’s what he’s concerned about, fact.  As for any sign&trade, the demand for players in return the Cavs would make basically nullifies the chances: they’d ask for the moon, and it’d defeat the purpose of making any deal since the receiving team would just be consigning themselves to a future as Lebron plus Some Random Schlubs We Picked From The Stands.  Add in that Chicago plays in the same division, and…no.

2) Think through the implications: The hopes of the city of Cleveland when the Cavs signed Lebron were that he’d make up for the eternal butthurt from the years of having a decent team only to get regularly scheduled beatings at the hands of Michael Jordan & the Bulls.  Lebron has been compared to Jordan, even at the moment wears #23.  For the Cavs to get so close, only for Lebron to bolt for their eternal enemy is not only too convenient as a narrative to bet on (much like the Kobe vs Lebron NBA Finals that never happens would’ve been), but would imply an overriding disillusionment with Cleveland on his part that has no real proof to back it up.  Him going to the Bulls wouldn’t be a mere business decision, it’d be a deafening roar of “FUCK YOU!!” towards Cleveland itself, beyond the team that resides there, a deliberate choice to have the rest of his career read as a knife in the back of a city that he damn near grew up in.  There’d be hangings of Lebron in effigy outside every Cavs game from that point on, even games that didn’t involve the Bulls, and it’d be another piece of the whole this-city-is-cursed griping that lives on in the drunken sob stories of local superfans.

I don’t get a sense that Lebron is that much of an asshole.  If any Cavs fans out there suspect he is, I wonder why they would support someone they think that of in the first place…


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