Interested Parties are Interested

A couple bits from elsewhere about the Turd Sandwich, since it’s still a topic:

Shorter Glenn Greenwald, to the Dem loyalists still doing their end zone dance: “If your grading curve on Stickin’ It To Big Insurance gets any more stretched it’s going to snap off”.

-Meanwhile, Rojas at The Crossed Pond suspects (for very good reason) that the Committee to Violently Stamp Out the Non-Corporate Sanctioned Use of Mind-Altering Substances just gained a SuperBestFriend:

Once everyone is paying for the cost of someone’s care, everyone gains a stake in their behavior as it affects their health. Traditionally, advocates of legalization have argued that drug addiction should be treated as a public health problem. The implicit assumption, as I have understood it, has been that the addict would be responsible for the cost of his or her own treatment; we wouldn’t put them in jail, but we wouldn’t be obligated to fix them at our own expense, either.

That becomes a much harder case to make when everybody is paying for everyone else’s care, and when a person’s lifestyle choices can make them potentially a major drain on the public coffers. Asking people to respect the right of another individual to wreck their own body is one thing; asking them to pay for its repair, repeatedly, is another.

In the interest of fairness, before this bill passed pretty close to every other dollar of health care spending in the US was already derived from taxes (most recent stat here (Excel doc) said 45%).  Clearly it’s not like we went from zero to OMGSTATECOLLECTIVEBBQ overnight*.  That said, the point isn’t the grumbles of average people, who have zero power, but of the insurance companies.  This same logic has already been floating around with regards to food choices, so it’s not like there’s a leap to be made, plus there’s the profit motive.  Sure, the realistic odds of an end to the War on Drugs following enactment of the health care bill leading to a nation of cokeheads entering endless binge/get deviated septum fixed on Uncle Sucker’s dime/repeat loops are zero, but they don’t know that.

(* – To any mainstream liberals who stumble across, before you draw a conclusion about my view of the propriety or lack thereof of this, read these past posts.)


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