Catching up with the world

-The first thing I thought (other than “…wtf?”) about this whole alleged suburban one-woman sleeper cell business was about how casually pro-ethnic-profiling sentiment had spread in regards to terrorism.  I don’t think you could’ve in a million years designed a case as forcefully showing that approach to be inherently ineffective, in addition to merely being bigoted, as this one.   I wonder how long the line of swarthy foreigners getting roto-rootered at airport security would’ve gotten before the plane carrying another Jihad Jane (that’s what she supposedly called herself) blew up.

-Behind many political statements that are taken for granted are implications that, sadly, never get discussed.  Take accusations of Chinese currency manipulation, for example: the claim is that the Yuan is artificially undervalued, giving China an advantage in trade.  If the value were to go up, then U.S. exports would become comparatively cheaper because it would take fewer Yuan to get a dollar worth of goods.  This means that to argue that the Yuan is undervalued is akin to saying the dollar is overvalued.  Note that China happens to hold a particularly large chunk of U.S. government debt, and you see where this is going.

-Y’know, as long as we’re going to have super-wealthy media moguls in this world, it’d be interesting to see what kind of shifts would be initiated in the U.S. media as a result of a Mexican joining the club.

Joe Biden, while Israel was announcing new construction for East Jerusalem settlers: “progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply no space between the United States and Israel”.  Um, yeah, which is why they’re fighting over the same shit still after all these years.  Speaking of East Jerusalem, here‘s how some of the residents celebrate their holidays.  Nice neighbors ya got there…

-The Cheneyite approach to terror suspects, which results in the kind of atrocities that Conor Friedersdorf describes here, among other things, can only be explained by one of two things: vengeful indiscriminate rage (that is, it’s all about expressing “don’t fuck with us!!!” at any and every opportunity that arises, accuracy be damned) or cultural hatred.


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