Needless to say

As you may know, Google has been co-operating with the Chinese government to censor what their subjects get to find through it.  Recently, hackers tried to get into Google’s systems, apparently fishing through the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.  As a result, Google is quitting that relationship.

Cue the NY Times finding the bleedingly obvious to be newsworthy in 3…2…1…:

Google’s declaration that it would stop cooperating with Chinese Internet censorship and consider shutting down its operations in the country ricocheted around the world Wednesday. But in China itself, the news was heavily censored.

Some big Chinese news portals initially carried a short dispatch on Google’s announcement, but that account soon tumbled from the headlines, and later reports omitted Google’s references to “free speech” and “surveillance.”

The only government response came later in the day from Xinhua, the official news agency, which ran a brief item quoting an anonymous official who was “seeking more information on Google’s statement that it could quit China.”

In other news, someone, somewhere on the planet at this moment is having sex.  Details after these messages…


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