Scenes from the Fail

-Question for Matt Yglesias: How exactly do you reconcile your Kung-Fu Grip on the concept of government being a tool of the Left with your acknowledgment of just how deeply entrenched class division is in your desired tool?

-Speaking of the turd sammich that Matt is swearing up and down is worth eating: most people wouldn’t know what a phrase like “dialectical libertarianism” means, but they know a screwjob when they see it.

-Remember how Obama claimed we’d come out ahead in the end from the finance bailout?  Well, that wasn’t a lie if you strike the word “we” & replace it with “Citigroup“.

-Fuck it, let’s pile on Matt some more.  Take it away, Ioz:

“Nobody ever accomplished anything in politics by not participating.” Fuck you, buddy. I’ll see your Mondale campaign and raise you a Gandhi.

-Hardball is on in the background (forgot to change the channel when I turned it on), & Tweety just mentioned a poll on the approval of Black Reagan, comparing the recent number with February.  Funny how he fails to mention that everybody gets a high approval rating in February of their first term because they haven’t done anything yet.  No problem, I’m all for politicians not doing anything…


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