"Anarchy? You just missed it!"

The latest nominee for the award “Dumbest Talking Point Ever“:

I think it is jaw dropping when you think that under [Obama’s] watch, the federal government has taken ownership or control of the private economy. People know that something has really changed. The federal government now owns or controls 30 percent of the private economy. Just over a year ago, you couldn’t say that. Just over a year ago, 100 percent of the private economy was private. Today, 30 percent is owned or controlled by government. (emphasis mine)

To put in perspective just how dumb this is, imagine if someone had said in reference to the quality of officiating during NBA games “damn, just last year the refs were absolutely perfect, nailed every call correctly.  Now they’re all blind!”.


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One Response to "Anarchy? You just missed it!"

  1. Crikey, I just puked in my beer.

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