Finishing the conversation

Was flipping through radio stations the other day, and happened across some political talk show where a caller was talking about the Ft Hood shootings*.  Out of nowhere in the guys rant (seemingly about a “double standard” between Christianity & Islam, as if not being able to force kids to pray in public government school is equivalent to suspecting any Muslim who isn’t a well-known ex-athlete of being a potential terrorist), he blurts out “multiculturalism is the AIDS of western civilization!”.  Here’s how the rest of that talk would’ve gone if I were in the room:

Me: “Really?  Not approaching society as if it should, or even CAN be, homogenous opens it up to rampant sickness?”

Him: “Yeah.  People here need to accept the culture or leave.”

Me: “Would you mind defining that dominant culture then?”

Him: “…” (mumbles something about Jesus, capitalism & baseball, then hangs up).

(* – edit: speaking of which, Mr Knapp smacked down the attacks-on-military-personnel-count-as-terrorism political redefinition here.)


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