Rejection vs "strategic" complacency

Somewhat in reference to this, I will ramble:

To be blunt, I’m personally not a believer in the idea that things have to suck as painfully as possible before improvement can come.  This informs how I approach politics: you may have noticed that, though I’ve actually become more radical politically over time, I still will talk about particular issues.  It’s by design, in that what I’ve discussed here and elsewhere are data points I consider against statism, and also because my day-to-day goal is to keep conditions against me & my principles from getting worse.

If people come along that, though they may not agree on the end result, get pissed enough about particular encroachments & injustice to throw it back, then that still helps to an extent.  I try to make clear the thread tying it all together, hopefully to be considered later.  In the meantime, maybe I have more space to operate in.  This is why though I reject the state as a concept I don’t ignore it.

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