This just in: Mob hitmen wholeheartedly support not snitching

Move along folks, nothing to see here…:

Seven former CIA directors asked President Barack Obama on Friday to quash a criminal probe of harsh interrogations of terror suspects during the Bush administration.

The CIA directors, who served both Democratic and Republican presidents and include three who worked under President George W. Bush, made their request in a letter sent Friday to the White House.  Attorney General Eric Holder announced last month that he was appointing an independent counsel to investigate possible incidents of abuse by CIA personnel during interrogations that went beyond guidelines imposed by the Bush administration. […]

“If criminal investigations closed by career prosecutors during one administration can so easily be reopened at the direction of political appointees in the next, declinations of prosecution will be rendered meaningless,” wrote the former directors.

If the Obama Administration were truly the type of raging lefties that they’re painted as by wingnuts, you know what the response would be here: call their bluff.  Screw Bush’s guidelines, acknowledge them as deliberately enabling torture & switch the investigation to prosecute the ones that crafted the policy in the first place.  Here in the real world though, odds are that they fold on even this.  After all, can’t do anything that’d convince even one nutter to call them “soft” (though they’re doing that anyway, and would’ve regardless) even though they’ve retained every other power claimed over the years.

The State cannot check itself.  Period.


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